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The Canada Revenue Agency provides financial assistance for an injury, illness or disability that is prolonged and affects your daily quality of living.

This money is received tax free and does NOT interfere with ODSP, CPP or other forms of income. You must apply and qualify specifically for this program — no other government program automatically approves you. This is not government money. This a refund of taxes paid in past years and/or a credit on taxes payable moving forward.


What we do for you

  1. We visit you in your home – the place where you are most comfortable.
  2. With NO upfront fees there are no worries of coming up with cash.
  3. During our visit we help you understand the process and application.
  4. If you have had a death in the family due to a prolonged injury, illness or disability, we can assist in applying for the person that has passed.
  5. Assist you in filling out the appropriate forms correctly and accurately to reduce errors.
  6. Review the application before filing to ensure that there are no errors or problems that might result in the application being delayed or declined.
  7. Assist Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) with any additional information that may be required.
  8. If necessary, work with you and the government throughout any appeal process.
  9. Contact your medical practitioner to ensure a speedy response.
  10. Work with your Doctor to make sure all the medical forms are accurate.
  11. Submit a special request to CRA to apply for past years to help maximize your return.
  12. Analyze your personal situation to assess the need for a supportive person or caregiver to maximize your return.
  13. Access the potential of additional benefits for you or for any children.
  14. Provide updates after your application is approved so you know when you will be paid and how much.
  15. Prepare, assemble, ready the application and submit to CRA.
  16. Provide updates as your application moves through the process so you are kept informed as to where it is in the system.
  17. Customize every aspect of your case as no two are the same.
  18. As much as possible we try to make this experience effortless for you and your loved ones.

At ArbourCor we work diligently to ensure that the forms are filled out correctly, using the words and phrases that are acceptable to CRA as well as ensuring that the correct boxes are checked or not checked as appropriate.

We understand where errors are made. We are experienced in the correct method and phraseology of the application process, which gives you the best opportunity to have your application processed quickly with the end result of an approved application.

Why not give yourself the best shot at success and have ArbourCor work with CRA and your qualified medical practitioner on your behalf?