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Thank you so much ArbourCor Solutions Group!

Your team did a wonderful job working with CRA on behalf of my deceased mother who passed away in 2007.

We learned about Arbourcor in 2013 and discovered that we could apply for the Disability Tax Credit for deceased persons.

Since we didn’t know enough about this credit to tackle the paperwork on our own, ArbourCor was able to go back for 10 years prior to the date we applied, even though she passed away in 2007.

Our accountant was not successful when they applied for us and we sincerely wish we’d had this information to assist in her care during her unfortunate health struggles in the years before her death.

Thanks again for a successful outcome! We’ve paid it forward and have passed your name on to others.



Thank you so much for your excellent help in getting my family member the disability tax credit.

He has been in a wheelchair since 2003. We did not know about this credit. You came to our home and explained it to us. I must say, we were wondering about the program but decided to apply.

We were so happy to receive our initial payment of about $8,500. You explained that Arbourcor would be appealing some of the claim because you realized that our family member was quite disabled and should have received more in compensation. You did this believing in our family, for which we will always be grateful. We then received another sum of money. All thanks to you!

You came to our home, filled out all the forms, communicated with doctors, communicated with CRA – the list goes on! Thank you so much for such an excellent job. We wouldn’t have the help without you. I hope everyone is as grateful as we are and realize what an excellent service you provide. I tell everyone about you. Best of luck.



I first found out about the Disability Tax Credit Certificate and rebate program while visiting my doctor’s office. There was a stack of pamphlets sitting on the table and since I had nothing to do but wait, I picked one up and started reading it.

Needless to say getting money back from the government that I was entitled to sounded great to me. I called ArbourCor and they took it from there. They explained the program and the process as well as the length of time it might take to get any sort of rebate returned to me, but I thought that the time was going to pass anyway, so I might as well try.

In around six months I received the approval and then my son who we had applied for as well was approved. After that both my parents applied through ArbourCor and they were both approved!

We have received literally tens of thousands of dollars refunded to us and couldn’t be happier. Thank you ArbourCor! Job well done!



My experience with ArbourCor Solutions Group.

A Benefits Consultant from ArbourCor started me on a road that we never thought we had a chance to go down.

We had applied for the Disability Tax Certificate on our own but the application was denied. We then went to a different organization to help with my son’s application. Again my son’s application was denied.

ArbourCor helped us with the process and submitted my son’s application on our behalf. Within four months we received a letter from Canada Revenue Agency saying that my son’s application was approved.

I had also received a telephone call from ArbourCor and was told that my son’s application was approved.

ArbourCor informed me that Canada Revenue Agency was reassessing my income tax back to 2006. Within a month ArbourCor told me how much of a refund I was receiving and when I would be receiving it. All my questions were answered. They made things a little less stressful.

Because of ArbourCor my son has finally been recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as being disabled (even though he has been on Ontario Disability Support Benefits for years). It's sad that this route had to be taken to get what we Canadians deserve. That being said, I thank God that your organization was there to help me.

I've been telling so many people about ArbourCor and encouraging them to seek their assistance.

I want to thank my Benefits Consultant and the staff at ArbourCor for all their support.



I was attending a life insurance seminar in May of 2013 and met a rep from ArbourCor. After some discussion they mentioned a product ArbourCor had spent many hours researching, a benefit called the Disability Tax Credit. Very few people know this government program even exists.

I learned that as an executor of an estate a person could qualify for the tax refund if they had been a supportive person to a relative with a prolonged and pronounced disability, illness or injury before he or she passed away.

I explained to the rep that my wife passed away in 2008 and had been diagnosed with cancer in 2001. She had been ill for 7 years and I had cared for her for all those years.

The rep stated that they would look into this situation and after signing some forms and providing some information they said they were reasonably certain that I would qualify.

I had been planning a winter trip to Florida and was advised to go and that we could correspond by telephone and email if the ArbourCor team required any further information.

I was pleased to receive my refund before I even returned to Canada.

I am writing this testimonial so that others in similar situation can learn of this little known tax free rebate from the Canada Revenue Agency if they have a loved one they are taking care of or if a loved one has passed away.



The Disability Tax Credit has been a well kept secret from people who are in severe medical stress. They need the best medical and financial help that they can get to allow them to live with quality of life.

Until last November I had no idea that there was a Disability Tax Credit available for people with severe and debilitating medical conditions.

While picking up colostomy supplies in London, I saw the brochure on their counter and put a copy of the pamphlet into my coat pocket to read later. The girls at the store would not let me leave until I read the form and they gave me their take on the program.

When I got home I called the toll free number and my first contact was with their Head Office. They asked me questions and explained the program in detail and said that a consultant would contact me in the next couple of days.

Everyone that we have dealt with has been extremely understanding and helpful.

ArbourCor Solutions Group and their staff were instrumental in obtaining a D.T.C. of several thousand dollars for my wife and I.

ArbourCor was a God send for us and we want to thank them for the fantastic service that they provided to us.

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